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Podcast: Hard, but necessary

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Upcoming events; 09 April ~ JSE Power Hour: Trader’s game plan New weekly podcast in the RSS feed every Monday late morning. BUT only in the RSS feed, not on the website. So subscribe to the feed, it is here. Download the audio file here Subscribe to our feed here Sign up for email alerts as a new ...
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ETF: The new CoreShares Property ETF

Kristia van HeerdenETF Blog, Latest

Does anything sound more appealing to an ETF investor than dividend income that covers your living expenses?  The problem with this strategy is that dividends aren’t reliable. It’s up to the management of a listed company to determine whether or not they want to share profits in a given year. Predicting whether you’ll receive a ...
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ETF: Income ETFs II – Listed Property ETFs

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The right type of income investment depends on two important considerations. The first is your investment horizon. Your asset allocation will depend on the amount of time you plan on being invested. The closer you get to cashing out your investment, the less volatility you can afford. The second is your tax situation. Income from ...
When to sell?

Podcast: When to sell?

Simon BrownJSE Direct, Latest

When to sell? When to sell? Simon Shares Yesterday, 23rd March, Just One lap turned five. It's been an awesome ride which we couldn't have down without the support of our users. So you everybody, thanks. A huge thank you. When to sell? Different answer depending if you are trading or investing. Great video from ...

Video: Understanding dividends

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Dividends are a huge and important part of investing. This 8 minutes video will explain the key dates, different types, currency conversion, how to ensure you receive them, tax and an example of the power of dividends. View the learn investing series Adapting to changesAdapting to changes23 July 2024Standard Bank Power Hour: Defensive Income Portfolio; ...