Podcast: Commodity super cycle?

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Simon Shares Interesting titbit from TigerBrands (JSE code: TBS) update "It is too early to conclude whether the lower consumer demand levels evident in the month of January reflect an even more challenging environment than what was experienced over the past year." Upcoming events; Weekly, Wednesday at 5.30pm ~ Follow the Trader 18 February ~ Everything ETFs ...
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ETF: Commodity ETFs in your portfolio

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Commodities tend to give investors a sense of security. Gold is especially popular during political and economical turmoil as the current COVID rally is making abundantly clear. The presence of a tangible asset at the other end of the transaction is comforting to those who are at all times geared for the apocalypse. While it’s ...
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Podcast: Hard, but necessary

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Upcoming events; 09 April ~ JSE Power Hour: Trader’s game plan New weekly podcast in the RSS feed every Monday late morning. BUT only in the RSS feed, not on the website. So subscribe to the feed, it is here. Download the audio file here Subscribe to our feed here Sign up for email alerts as a new ...

Infographic: Commodities price moves

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Commodity price moves from close 31 December 2014 to close 05 May 2015. Priced in USD. All five commodities are tradable / investable on the JSE in Rands via ETFs or ETNs issued by Barclays Africa and Standard Bank. Gold – GLD & ETFGLD Platinum – NGPLT & ETFPLT Palladium – NGPLD & ETFPLD Silver – ...