Retire: Portfolio check-ins 

Carina JoosteLatest, Retire

Once you’ve set up a regular saving schedule for your retirement, the time magic starts happening. But it’s still a good idea to occasionally check in with your retirement portfolio – a tweak here and there can make a big difference over time. Here are some questions to ask the next time you view your statement.

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Comparing ETFs: Asset classes

Kristia van HeerdenETF Blog, Latest

Investing is about more than just shares. There are a number fo different asset classes we can buy and this article digs into the details.

Retire: Retirement myth-busters

Carina JoosteLatest, Retire

The phrase ‘Saving Towards Retirement’ is loaded. There’s loads of information to wade through, and an undercurrent of fear that you don’t have enough. In my conversations I’ve started to pick up on some personal money myths that might be hijacking our reason.

Retire: A little Rand going a long way

Carina JoosteLatest, Retire

While researching one of the Retire blog posts, I stumbled across the 2020 Alexander Forbes Member Watch study. The study takes a closer look at the behaviour of their members in employ of 2,500 South African companies. Amongst several grim realities, the study found that only 8.8% of members preserve their savings when leaving their ...

Retire: Inflation, interest rates and fees

Carina JoosteLatest, Retire

Inflation, interest rates, and fees will all affect your quality of life in retirement, whether your financial plan consists of discretionary savings, a tax-free savings account, marrying into a wealthy family, investing in retirement products, or a healthy combination of all. The effect of these forces on your retirement savings become even more pronounced in ...

Budget speech 2021: A summary

De Wet De VilliersLatest, Tax Tuesday

Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his annual budget speech on 24 February 2021. In the year following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many expected the individual tax burden to increase to make up for increased government spending and lower year-on-year tax collections. However, in an effort to stimulate spending, government increased tax brackets above inflation ...

Retire: The new retirement laws explained

Carina JoosteLatest, Retire

Just over seven years ago, Pravin Gordhan, the then-minister of finance, tabled a proposal aimed at the governance, preservation and annuitisation of retirement funds. This formed part of harmonising the tax treatment of the different kinds of retirement funds. Collectively, these proposals are known as the T-Day reforms. This proposal is coming to fruition on ...