Video: What I wish I knew as a new trader

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Petri Redelinghuys is the founder of Herenya Capital Advisors and has been trading derivatives for over a decade and this presentation goes back to the beginning. Petri focuses on what he wishes he knew when he started trading with the aim of helping other new traders avoid the same mistakes he made. With his decade of ...

Video: Everything ETFs and tax-free

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December saw the twentieth anniversary of the first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) listing on the JSE. Since 2000 the industry has grown to over R110billion in assets and 137 listings covering all investments options (local, offshore, equity, bonds, commodities and property). This first Power Hour event of 2021 was presented by Simon Brown and he ...
Local and offshore property

Video: Local and offshore property

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Keillen Ndlovu, Head of Listed Property at Stanlib, presents this JSE Power Hour on the listed property looking at both local and offshore markets. Covid-19 has had a massive impact but some listed property sectors are doing well. Keillen looks at debt levels and risks of covenant breaches and staying within REIT status and gives ...
Under the hood of a passive robo-advisor

Video: Under the hood of a robo-advisor

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Putting together a state of the art advice algorithm requires some serious data crunching. Analysing over a hundred year’s worth of data teaches one a thing or two about markets and trends. In this presentation, Grant Locke, the brains behind OUTvest, shares some of the incredible insights he’s gained in the process of putting together ...
Pro-active passive management

Video: Pro-active passive management

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Nerina Visser of etfSA is one of the foremost Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) experts in South Africa and while Just One Lap takes the one ETF to rule them all approach, Nerina takes a much more nuanced approach. In this JSE Power Hour Nerina focuses on how to analyse and evaluate individual ETFs for their suitability for ...
Pandemic portfolio management

Video: Pandemic portfolio management

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Ringing in the new decade, few people thought by July 2020 we’d be living through a dystopian nightmare. And yet, the dramatic impact of Covid-19, global lockdowns and the accelerated rise of global protectionism has fundamentally changed the world we live in. But, while you may have assumed financial markets would react negatively, many client’s ...