My first investment

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We explain several ways to start investing in shares, through your employer, an RA or Unit Trust provider, an independent financial advisor, a stock broker or even a robo adviser. Go for the option most comfortable to you right now, because time is the most important ingredient in investing.

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ETF: A place for new ETFs in your portfolio

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While ETFs started out as broad-market products weighted by capitalisation, local ETF issuers have also ventured into more complex index methodologies to offer something for every taste. Here we explain more about these ETFs so you can decide if they have a place in your portfolio.

Everything tax-free

Video: A new tax-free year

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As another tax year comes to an end in February it means a new year starts for adding to your tax-free savings account in March 2020. At this event Simon Brown (Just One Lap founder) covers; What is tax-free investing? The best type of accounts. Cash or Exchange Traded Funds. Lump sum or monthly contributions. ...
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ETF: The new CoreShares Property ETF

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Does anything sound more appealing to an ETF investor than dividend income that covers your living expenses?  The problem with this strategy is that dividends aren’t reliable. It’s up to the management of a listed company to determine whether or not they want to share profits in a given year. Predicting whether you’ll receive a ...

Podcast: How to invest in this market

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Simon Shares I am buying Metrofile (JSE code: MFL). Good solid business that has solid earnings and currently on a dividend yield of just over 4%. Why is low oil causing such concerns on global markets? One would think it is good for consumers and hence good for economies? Davos 2016 report back presentation with ...