One of the driving beliefs here at Just One Lap HQ is that our content must be high quality and free.

How do we fund that free quality? We have sponsors.

We don’t do annoying tricks to try and get you to click something. Instead, we work with providers who offer a product we like and use. We craft bespoke ways to get their message to our users without it getting in the way.

To this end, we’re deeply appreciative of our sponsors and in the interests of transparency below is the list of current sponsors and those who are not current, but who have worked with us in the past twelve months.

We also ask that if you’re using their services having heard about them via Just One Lap, give them a shout out via email or on social media thanking them, because without them there is no Just One Lap.

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Current sponsors (May 2024)

  • Standard Bank
  • 1nvest

Sponsors in the last 12 months

  • Markets.com
  • 10X Investments
  • JSE
  • High Street Asset Management