Pro-active passive management

Video: Pro-active passive management

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Nerina Visser of etfSA is one of the foremost Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) experts in South Africa and while Just One Lap takes the one ETF to rule them all approach, Nerina takes a much more nuanced approach. In this JSE Power Hour Nerina focuses on how to analyse and evaluate individual ETFs for their suitability for ...
Definitive Guide to Investment Costs

Video: Definitive Guide to Investment Costs

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The Definitive Guide to Investment Costs We have to pay fees when investing, that’s unavoidable. But how much we pay is important as it impacts out long-term returns and knowing what they really are all about is equally important. Over the last two decades the war against fees has been a huge success. Back in ...
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ETF: Understanding the Ashburton Inflation ETF

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South African household budgets are straining under rising costs in an exceptionally unpredictable market. Bonds are a safe and easy way for cash-strapped investors to protect their money from inflation and volatility. This week, we see what the Ashburton Inflation ETF has to offer. As we explain here, governments use bonds to borrow money from ...
what etf should I buy?

ETF: What ETF should I buy?

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Your debt is paid, your insurance and medical aid policies have you covered and your emergency fund is looking healthy. You are ready to start investing! We spoke to ETF guru Nerina Visser about an investment starter pack to help you get acquainted with the markets. TIP: Click here for the full podcast with Nerina ...

Podcast: Model ETF Portfolio with Nerina Visser

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Nerina Visser ETF strategist at We discuss building an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) portfolio with either R300 monthly, R1,000 monthly or a larger lump sum. The end of the conversation is also around tax and in particular the R30,000 tax free CGT and how one can make use of it. ETFs and ETNs covered ...