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Comparing ETFs: Asset classes

Kristia van HeerdenETF Blog, Latest

Investing is about more than just shares. There are a number fo different asset classes we can buy and this article digs into the details.

Local and offshore property

Video: Local and offshore property

Simon BrownPower Hour, Video Invest, Webinar and Video

Keillen Ndlovu, Head of Listed Property at Stanlib, presents this JSE Power Hour on the listed property looking at both local and offshore markets. Covid-19 has had a massive impact but some listed property sectors are doing well. Keillen looks at debt levels and risks of covenant breaches and staying within REIT status and gives ...
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ETF: Understanding the CoreShares Global Property ETF

Kristia van HeerdenETF Blog, Latest

Fortunately the abysmal performance of the local property sector is not the symptom of a global problem. The CoreShares S&P Global Property (GLPROP) exchange-traded fund (ETF) offers property lovers an opportunity to enjoy the security of a physical investment and steady income in developed economies. Unlike local ETFs that invest heavily in commercial real estate ...
JSE Direct with Simon Brown

Podcast: Property losing REIT status

Simon BrownJSE Direct, Latest

This week’s episode of JSE Direct is courtesy of OUTvest, our preferred supplier in retirement products. Simon Shares April was the best month for equity markets since 1987! Local ten year bonds are on a tear, just a week after we exited the World Government Bond Index the yields are back at pre-junk levels and ...
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ETF: Understanding the 1nvest Global Property ETF

Kristia van HeerdenETF Blog, Latest

In days of yore, a property investment involved an immovable collection of bricks and all the concentration risk of a physical thing in a physical place. It also required an enormous amount of capital or debt upfront. The introduction of listed property made it possible to benefit from property investments without the capital outlay and ...