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Revisiting your investment strategy

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, OUTstanding

Learning and planning is exhilarating. Everything is new and you’re excited to get started. Once you start putting your financial plan into action however, you will become part of the hurry up and wait club. Here are 3 common responses that you need to resist.

One share isn’t enough

Simon BrownLatest, OUTstanding

Volatility is risky, because a share price might be down on the day you need to sell. If you only have a few shares, it’s no big deal But as your share portfolio grows, selling at a lower price can cause real damage. Time and variety reduce this risk.

My first investment

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, OUTstanding

We explain several ways to start investing in shares, through your employer, an RA or Unit Trust provider, an independent financial advisor, a stock broker or even a robo adviser. Go for the option most comfortable to you right now, because time is the most important ingredient in investing.

Types of savings

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, OUTstanding

Thanks to the money-making twins you know that savings protect your money while investments grow your money. Money that you’ll need in the next few months or the next five years, goes to Savings. But you can make find ways to make Savings work a little harder.

Choosing between saving and investing

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, OUTstanding

You want to keep some of your money safe in case you need it, but you want to put some of your money to work so you can stop working. Deciding how much money should go to investing, and how much to savings, depends on one question: When do you need your money back?

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Four roads to discipline

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, OUTstanding

Financial change happens one pay cheque at a time, but there are many things we can do between pay cheques to ensure we are better at our finances from one payday to the next. Consider this your how-to guide for financial discipline.