Video: Becoming a better trader

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Petri Redelinghuys believes that trading involves always learning: learning about yourself, trading, risk, discipline and markets. Last year he shared his journey of becoming a trader and he’s back this year to speak to us about how to become a better trader. Petri shares how to identify good and bad educational resources, the different trading ...

Risk management and the rules involved

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Risk management is probably the most important part of trading. I’m sure you’ve often heard that a trader can get half their trades wrong and still make money if they have adequate risk management rules in place. This is actually, believe it or not, very true. Trading is about keeping your losses small and riding ...

Keeping trading boring

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Stock markets, fireworks, rollercoasters, that guy on TV almost frothing at the mouth because of some new-and-all-important-something that just happened (apparently), bungee jumping, and going down a long hill on a skateboard without any knee-pads. These things are all pretty exciting! Often we focus our attention on exciting things and being entertained, or experiencing a ...
Momentum portfolio update

Momentum portfolio update end May16

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Momentum Portfolio update Momentum portfolio update end May16 It’s the end of the first quarter* for the 2016/7 Just One Lap Momentum portfolio and here’s our update for the quarter. Find the portfolio details, methodology and previous returns here. The screen shot of the portfolio at the close of 31 May 2016 is as below. ...
IG Boot Camp

Video: Using fundamentals and technicals (11/12)

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In this 11th Boot Camp of the current series Simon Brown, Just One Lap founder, will be focusing on using technicals and fundamentals. He covers; What’s the difference? Using them separately. Identifying quality sectors and stocks using Porters five forces Simon's own theory for finding the right fundamental price to pay Blending them together. Which ...