Video: What I wish I knew as a new trader

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Petri Redelinghuys is the founder of Herenya Capital Advisors and has been trading derivatives for over a decade and this presentation goes back to the beginning. Petri focuses on what he wishes he knew when he started trading with the aim of helping other new traders avoid the same mistakes he made. With his decade of ...

Video: Trader’s game plan

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Trading is about having a game plan. From start to finish. What, why, when & how. What underlying assets, markets and instruments do you trade? Why do you enter a trade? When do you enter the trade? How do you manage the risk of the trade and portfolio drawdown? Petri Redelinghuys is an experienced trader ...
Charting master class with Moxima Gama

Video: Charting master class with Moxima Gama

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Moxima Gama from The Money Hub is a master technical analyst with over a decade’s experience working both independently and within large financial institutions. She uses technical analysis to assist in making efficient trading and investing decisions to maximise returns In this JSE Power Hour Moxima covers; MACD and the importance of the histogram RSI ...
Trader life: The process

Video: Traders Life: The process

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Successful trading requires three key pillars to succeed. Firstly, a solid understand of the theory (knowing the products and markets, understanding and managing risk etc.). Secondly a viable and tested trading system that generates profits and thirdly the most important part – integrating the process into our desired life style. Then we can start living ...