Balance, routine and priorities

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Balance, routine and priorities

So after three months of trading from home, I have to say that I am absolutely loving it! There are times that I miss being able to trade with the collective millions of a large number of trading accounts. There are also times I feel that the paltry amount of capital I am now working with is almost embarrassingly small. But then I remember that the money I am trading now is completely my own and that I have, not only the opportunity, but also the ability to turn my small amount of capital into many millions over the years to come. But balance, routine and priorities.

Trading from home has granted me a certain freedom that I have not experienced ever before. I’ve been able to pursue some larger scale dreams that I’ve daydreamed about for many years. I can trade as and when I want, and take the odd afternoon nap. Not a bad combination.

There are some things that I am struggling with though. The foremost is probably finding balance between trading, working on my ‘work stuff’, and sleep. I have found that constant access to my trading platforms means that I often sit in front of the screens for hours and hours after bed time, which in the long run could (and will) have a negative impact on my trading and my health. This realisation came about as I’ve recently revisited the optimal structure of any given trading day and realised that I am currently not sticking to my own blueprint.

It’s been a good exercise for me as it has motivated me to get back to doing things the right way. Back to a solid routine. I guess the reality is that due to my new circumstances and the current implementation of some larger scale plans, I will have to create a new daily routine that is balanced and efficient. Most importantly, I will have to work in some exercise too. I’ve not been in the gym for some time, and the truth is that getting regular exercise is probably one of the best methods of clearing your mind and getting rid of stress.

So for me, and for now, the focus is to get the basics right all over again. To find a way to balance my days so that I can get enough sleep in, as well as trade constantly and spend time building my larger vision. It’s a fine balancing act, but one that will have to be performed soon. For now, I am not feeling like I am taking strain, although I fear that by the time I do feel strain, breaking my newly formed bad habits will be very difficult indeed. I guess I am starting to become more self-aware after all.

Happy trading!

Petri Redelinghuys

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