Video: What I wish I knew as a new trader

Simon BrownLearn Trading, Power Hour, Video Trading, Webinar and Video

Petri Redelinghuys is the founder of Herenya Capital Advisors and has been trading derivatives for over a decade and this presentation goes back to the beginning. Petri focuses on what he wishes he knew when he started trading with the aim of helping other new traders avoid the same mistakes he made. With his decade of ...

Video: Getting started in trading

Simon BrownLearn Trading, ThinkMarkets

In this first of the series, Simon Brown sets traders on the first steps of their journey. He covers the trader's matrix of five components that are all required in order to succeed (goals, resources, risk management, trading system and discipline). Simon also covers the Maslow theory of unconscious competence helping a trader understand where ...

Video: Trader’s game plan

Simon BrownLearn Trading, Power Hour, Video Trading, Webinar and Video

Trading is about having a game plan. From start to finish. What, why, when & how. What underlying assets, markets and instruments do you trade? Why do you enter a trade? When do you enter the trade? How do you manage the risk of the trade and portfolio drawdown? Petri Redelinghuys is an experienced trader ...
CFDs and dividends

IG CFD Conversations: CFDs and dividends

Kristia van HeerdenIG CFD, Learn Trading, Webinar and Video

Different contract for difference (CFD) providers have different methods of dealing with dividends, which will have implications for your tax liability and profits. In this video, Simon Brown explains why the dividend receiving date might not always be clear when you trade CFDs and how dividend withholding tax could affect your planning when trading CFDs.