Rules save trading lives

Petri RedelinghuysLatest, TraderPetri

Sometimes the market makes you feel an unusual amount of despair. It’s the little things that can get to you. Making a mistake can wipe out lots of profits that you spent weeks building. That event then influences you in a way that you don’t fully understand and it leads to a spiral of bad ...

Risk management and the rules involved

Petri RedelinghuysLatest, TraderPetri

Risk management is probably the most important part of trading. I’m sure you’ve often heard that a trader can get half their trades wrong and still make money if they have adequate risk management rules in place. This is actually, believe it or not, very true. Trading is about keeping your losses small and riding ...
Coreshares Preftrax ETF

Emotional trading

Petri RedelinghuysLatest, TraderPetri

I find that I swing between phases of great, consistent trading and phases of, well, not so great and relatively inconsistent trading. I’ve realised that it has a lot to do with what is happening in my personal life and how these things spill over into my everyday mind set. When things are good (or ...
Trading the news

Should we be trading the news?

Simon BrownLatest, TraderPetri

The market is driven by traders and investors making decisions based on their unique interpretation of information. Information is the life blood of the market and is delivered in a variety of ways, most notably, the news. News can be anything from company earnings reports to a backwater website in Nigeria reporting that MTN has ...