Video: A complete index trading system

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With the Trading Boot Camp series completed we now move onto the actual process of trading and in this first video Simon Brown, puts together a complete index trading system that can be used in different time frames (from day trading to weekly) and different indices using the IG platform.

This video covers;

  • Which indices to trade
  • Managing time zones
  • 24-hour index trading
  • Index trading system using 7 & 21 moving average with entries, exit and stop loss levels.

Trading indices is Simon’s preferred trading strategy and he’ll cover the different indices, margin requirements and also present a 7/21 moving average trading system that can be used across different time frames.

The system is the same one he used when day trading the markets and is profitable across multiple time frames.

The PDF of the presentation is here for downloading.

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Below is the followup video using the live platform.

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