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Trading Master Class A complete CFD share trading system

With the Trading Boot Camp series completed we now move onto the actual process of trading and in this first video Just One Lap founder, Simon Brown, puts together a simple CFD share trading strategy for Top40 stocks using the IG platform.

There are two videos, above is the initial presentation of the system and below is the follow up video of live trading the system which includes a couple of buy triggers with entry and stop loss levels.

The strategy includes all parts of the system and is designed for new traders to start trading right away and in the video above Simon talks about;

  • Double entry system (what to trade and when)
  • Position size (how much to buy)
  • Portfolio gearing (overall portfolio risk management)
  • Exits (when to sell to maximise profit)
  • Process (how to put it all together)

The second part of this process is the follow up video as below. Here Simon goes through the Top40 stocks finding any that are giving buy triggers and set levels for confirmation and entry. There were also some great questions and suggestions that add real value – thanks to all who attended.

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