Charting the future

Video: Charting the future

Simon Brown Improve Trading, JSE Power Hour, Webinar and Video

Garth MacKenzie of Traders Corner presents this JSE Power Hour and has a look at how local and global markets have been preforming. He also makes some predictions for the Rand and Top40 as well as ten locally listed stocks that are looking strong right now. Download the PDF here. View JSE Power Hour series ...
Traders life: The money

Video: Traders life: The money

Simon Brown Improve Trading, Trader's Life, Webinar and Video

Successful trading requires three key pillars to succeed. Firstly, a solid understand of the theory (knowing the products and markets, understanding and managing risk etc.). Secondly a viable and tested trading system that generates profits and thirdly the most important part – integrating the process into our desired life style. Then we can start living ...