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  • I am buying Metrofile (JSE code: MFL). Good solid business that has solid earnings and currently on a dividend yield of just over 4%.
  • Why is low oil causing such concerns on global markets? One would think it is good for consumers and hence good for economies?
  • Davos 2016 report back presentation with Nicky Newton-King (JSE CEO) and Bronwyn Nielsen (CNBC Africa).
  • MPC coming to an interest rate increase near you. Today is likely to be the another of many, reduce debt.

Jean Pierre Verster 36One Asset Management
What’s the big picture, world economy soft or markets just jittery? What about China and oil and how is the US and EU economies doing?

We Get Mail

  • Casey
    • With the end of the tax year looming I want to make sure my TFSA is in good standing. Can you tell me; Is my R30k limit based on cost (the amount of money I spent buying shares throughout the year) or current share value? If I go over my annual threshold can I simply sell some shares so my balance bought minus sold is worth R30k?
  • Mary-Anne
    • Looking at ETNs I compared the performance of BNPEUR at 47.47% to DBXEU 26.58% in past year, and BNPUSA at 45.61% to DBXUS at 37.46% in past year. What is the downside to these investment? They are not mentioned or recommended.

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