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Emotional trading

Petri RedelinghuysLatest, TraderPetri

I find that I swing between phases of great, consistent trading and phases of, well, not so great and relatively inconsistent trading. I’ve realised that it has a lot to do with what is happening in my personal life and how these things spill over into my everyday mind set. When things are good (or ...
IG Boot Camp

Video: Psychology of trading (10/12)

Simon BrownBoot Camp, Improve Trading, Webinar and Video

In our 10th, IG Boot Camp Simon Brown, founder of Just One Lap, tackles the issue of psychology of trading, by far the most important part of trading. Trading includes; charts, setups, risk management, entries and exits. While this all happens the real issue is our head and where we’re at. Losing or making money does ...
focused trading

What makes a good trade?

Petri RedelinghuysTraderPetri

Over the past few weeks the market has been rather tough, and trading strategies and plans were thoroughly tested. So naturally this whole ‘discipline’ thing has been at the forefront of my mind for some time now. Few things in life are as difficult as sticking to your own rules, hence all this blabbering about ...