JSE Direct with Simon Brown

Podcast: A robust strategy

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Simon Shares Distell Group (JSE code: DHG) issued a solid update albeit short on numbers with one exception. They reduced net debt by some R1.7billion which is a massive number. Pick n Pay (JSE code: PIK) is heading into Nigeria and the market is worried as Nigeria is littered with the bodies of corporate South ...
Pro-active passive management

Video: Pro-active passive management

Simon Brown JSE Power Hour, Video Invest, Webinar

Nerina Visser of etfSA is one of the foremost Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) experts in South Africa and while Just One Lap takes the one ETF to rule them all approach, Nerina takes a much more nuanced approach. In this JSE Power Hour Nerina focuses on how to analyse and evaluate individual ETFs for their suitability for ...
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ETF: Commodity ETFs in your portfolio

Kristia van Heerden ETF Blog, Latest

Commodities tend to give investors a sense of security. Gold is especially popular during political and economical turmoil as the current COVID rally is making abundantly clear. The presence of a tangible asset at the other end of the transaction is comforting to those who are at all times geared for the apocalypse. While it’s ...
Pandemic portfolio management

Video: Pandemic portfolio management

Simon Brown JSE Power Hour, Video Invest, Webinar

Ringing in the new decade, few people thought by July 2020 we’d be living through a dystopian nightmare. And yet, the dramatic impact of Covid-19, global lockdowns and the accelerated rise of global protectionism has fundamentally changed the world we live in. But, while you may have assumed financial markets would react negatively, many client’s ...
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ETF: Satrix China in IPO

Kristia van Heerden ETF Blog, Latest

ETF issuer Satrix is in the process of listing a new Chinese exchange-traded fund (ETF). Until 14 July 2020, ETF investors seeking access to the Chinese economy can pick up ETF units at no brokerage cost in the initial public offering (IPO). Considering China is the second-largest economy in the world, gaining access to that ...