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ETF: Understanding the CoreShares Preftrax ETF

Kristia van Heerden ETF Blog

 Investments make money in one of three ways - dividend income, capital gains or interest. When investing in a debt instrument, income from interest (sometimes called coupons) is what you can expect. This week’s featured ETF is a good option for investors who hope to earn an income from their investments. The CoreShares Preftrax ETF ...
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ETF: Understanding the 1nvest SWIX 40

Kristia van Heerden ETF Blog, Latest

The 1nvest SWIX 40 ETF is a top 40 product with a difference. Like many other local products, this ETF invests in the 40 biggest companies listed on the JSE. Unlike other top 40 ETFs, however, this ETF doesn’t just invest more in bigger companies. In fact, weighting an index by local shareholders was the ...