Video: Under the hood of a robo-advisor

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Putting together a state of the art advice algorithm requires some serious data crunching. Analysing over a hundred year’s worth of data teaches one a thing or two about markets and trends.

In this presentation, Grant Locke, the brains behind OUTvest, shares some of the incredible insights he’s gained in the process of putting together one of South Africa’s top robo advisors.

If you ever really wanted to understand what happens under the bonnet of one of South Africa’s newest robo advisors, then this is for you. OUTvest technology is outcomes-focussed. Take a closer look at everything from our automated advice algorithms all the way to our investment exposures. The last part of the presentation takes you through some high-level insights, finally answering the only question that matters – does it work?

  • Download the PDF of the presentation here.

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