Video: Charting master class with Moxima Gama

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Moxima Gama from The Money Hub is a master technical analyst with over a decade’s experience working both independently and within large financial institutions. She uses technical analysis to assist in making efficient trading and investing decisions to maximise returns

In this JSE Power Hour Moxima covers;

  • MACD and the importance of the histogram
  • RSI
  • Moving averages
  • How to spot the five different market stages; accumulation, mark-up, greed, distribution and mark down.

She also has a look at the following trades;

  • Kumbda (JSE code: KIO
  • Naspers (JSE code: NPN)
  • Discovery(JSE code: DSY)
  • MTN (JSE code: MTN)
  • Telkom (JSE code: TKG)
  • Sibanye (JSE code: SGL)
  • Top 40

Download the PDF of the presentation here.

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