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Successful trading requires three key pillars to succeed. Firstly, a solid understand of the theory (knowing the products and markets, understanding and managing risk etc.). Secondly a viable and tested trading system that generates profits and thirdly the most important part – integrating the process into our desired life style. Then we can start living the Traders Life.

The Boot Camp and Master Class series with IG and Just One Lap covered the first two areas and now IG and Just One Lap are teaming up again to do a series covering the final part of the puzzle. Putting it all together and fitting it into our lives and living The Traders Life.

The tools

The final part of being a successful life trader is putting in place the tools that free up time for the trader yet ensure trades are perfectly executed. Using the IG platform this event will cover the tools needed and how to set them up.

  • Automating alerts & confirmations.
  • Testing systems.
  • Auto / guaranteed stops.

Simon will explain and demonstrate the above using his 7/2 trading system.

  • PDF of the presentation is here.

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