Video: What price to pay?

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What price to pay? What price to pay? Just One Lap founder, Simon Brown, shows how he creates a fundamental chart to help him decide if a share is offering value and to determine the price he is prepared to buy the share at. Essentially he is looking for the forward PE to be below ...

Video: Dividends in investing

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The role of dividends in your portfolio Dividends are often ignored in investing. However, longer-term investors can get some cash from their investments without having to sell, thanks to dividends. In this video, we'll look at what they are and what dividend yield (DY) and cover means. We also cover all the dates, like the ...
relative valuation models

Video: Other relative valuation models

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More relative valuation models you should know Having touched on the major relative valuation models in previous webinars, we now briefly delve into the numerous other approaches and theories out there in the wide world of finance. In this webinar explain the following concepts: PEG Price-to-sales Dividend yield Price-to-cashflow and a number of industry specific ...