Video: Dividends in investing

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The role of dividends in your portfolio Dividends are often ignored in investing. However, longer-term investors can get some cash from their investments without having to sell, thanks to dividends. In this video, we'll look at what they are and what dividend yield (DY) and cover means. We also cover all the dates, like the ...
relative valuation models

Video: Other relative valuation models

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More relative valuation models you should know Having touched on the major relative valuation models in previous webinars, we now briefly delve into the numerous other approaches and theories out there in the wide world of finance. In this webinar explain the following concepts: PEG Price-to-sales Dividend yield Price-to-cashflow and a number of industry specific ...
candlestick patterns

Video: 4 important candlestick patterns

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Using candlestick patterns Candlestick patterns are important. They depict potential turning points by identifying a change in market sentiment, but only in certain instances. These patterns give defined entry points and easily identifiable stop loss areas. They are rule-based and therefore are simple to identify. They define emotion in the market, when combined with some ...

Video: A CFD trading plan

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Warren Peacock presents a trading plan for Contracts for Difference (CFDs). This is a tried and tested system that Warren trades with his own portfolio using CFDs. View the improve your trading series Lithium & Battery Tech ETFLithium & Battery Tech ETF29 November 2023Gold ETFs? Local and offshoreGold ETFs? Local and offshore22 November 2023There’s no ...

Video: Selecting FX Trading Pairs

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With numerous FX pairs available which pairs* should you be trading? How often do you change the pairs you're trading? Today's great FX pair may not be tomorrows great FX pair. Alwyn Burger is an experienced FX trader and will show you how he selects his FX pairs for the day's trading avoiding the dead ...

Video: Silent trading risks

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Trading is about managing risk and dealing with probabilities, but what of the silent risks we often ignore? These silent risks are not insignificant and can turn a good trade into a bad trade, this webinar will deal with the three silent risks (costs, spread & slippage) and how to best manage them so that ...