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ETF: Deutsche Bank ETF panic

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South African ETF investors looking for offshore exposure have had a convenient vehicle in the Deutsche Bank x-tracker ETF products. We have been supporters of these products, both through personal investments in x-tracker ETFs and by recommending the ETFs to our users. Last week the global financial system was rocked by speculation that the German ...

Podcast: Reviewing small cap results

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Reviewing small cap results with Keith McLachlan Simon Shares Wells Fargo is the sort of stock that if I owned it, I would sell it as management totally failed and refuse to accept any blame. There is a theory that equal weight ETFs have higher costs because they have to rebalance every stock every quarter. But ...

Podcast: Finding a local Berkshire Hathaway?

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Finding a local Berkshire Hathaway? Simon Shares US mattresses with Steinhoff (JSE code: SNH)? Paying more than double the last traded price? MTN looks all ugly. Forget the fine, forget over a billion Rands in associated costs. Nigerian and South African markets look weak and I still say they need to transition into being a ...
The Fat Wallet Show with Kristia van Heerden

Podcast: Fund(s) of funds with Keith Mclachlan

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Fund of funds with Keith Mclachlan Fund of funds are the Russian nesting dolls of investment. When you strip away all the layers, are you left with fees or profit? In the second episode of The Fat Wallet Show, Simon and I bedevil industry boytjie and small caps fund manager Keith Mclachlan about these products. ...
JSE Power Hour: Building a small cap portfolio

Video: Building a small cap portfolio

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JSE Power Hour: Building a small cap portfolio JSE Power Hour: Building a small cap portfolio Small and mid cap stocks can create significant upside in a portfolio, but how does one get the correct exposure to them? Even more fundamentally, how does one even select which small and mid caps to invest in when building ...

Podcast: CoreShares Top50 ETF

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This week's podcast is stock heavy. Just One Lap founder Simon Brown first talks to small- and midcap expert Keith McLachlan about the shares on his radar. Santova remains a firm favourite, and Keith sees value in Master Drilling, but can't seem to get excited about Rhodes Foods. In the second segment Simon talks to ...
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Video: Exceptional companies, exceptional stocks

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Finding exceptional stocks with Keith McLachlan The starting point of finding exceptional stocks is  finding exceptional, high quality companies. In this webinar by AlphaWealth small cap fund manager, Keith McLachlan, he investigates what makes one company better quality than another, and looks into how we can measure this. Keith discusses: why you should look for ...

Podcast: Model ETF Portfolio with Nerina Visser

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Nerina Visser ETF strategist at We discuss building an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) portfolio with either R300 monthly, R1,000 monthly or a larger lump sum. The end of the conversation is also around tax and in particular the R30,000 tax free CGT and how one can make use of it. ETFs and ETNs covered ...