Video: Building a small cap portfolio

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JSE Power Hour: Building a small cap portfolio

JSE Power Hour: Building a small cap portfolio

JSE Power Hour: Building a small cap portfolio

Small and mid cap stocks can create significant upside in a portfolio, but how does one get the correct exposure to them? Even more fundamentally, how does one even select which small and mid caps to invest in when building a small cap portfolio?

Keith McLachlan is a small and mid cap fund manager at AlphaWealth and he presents the June JSE Power Hour in Johannesburg. He’ll build us a roadmap on how to invest in the small and mid cap sector (either directly or indirectly), how much to allocate to this sector and what other variables to consider in this space. All the while he will be highlighting the many risks to avoid as you reach for this sector’s exciting upside.

Finally, he’ll include some of his top picks from the AlphaWealth Prime Small & Mid Cap Fund that he runs and answer any questions you may have in the exciting small and mid cap space? The picks are;

  • Santova (JSE code: SNV)
  • Rolfes (JSE code: RLF)
  • Datatec (JSE code: DTC)

He also refers to a number of his other video on fundamental invest, they are as below;

We also have a series of valuation models (with practical examples) from Keith as below;

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