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ETF: MAPPS Protect in a market crash

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Effective 1 March 2023, this ETF  is now the Satrix Multi Asset Passive Portfolios Solutions Protect ETF (JSE code: STXMAP) How effective is diversification at smoothing out investment performance during a crash? The NewFunds MAPPS Protect ETF was designed to withstand a volatile equity environment by splitting investments between SWIX 40 equity and government bonds. ...

Podcast: CoreShares Top50 ETF

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This week's podcast is stock heavy. Just One Lap founder Simon Brown first talks to small- and midcap expert Keith McLachlan about the shares on his radar. Santova remains a firm favourite, and Keith sees value in Master Drilling, but can't seem to get excited about Rhodes Foods. In the second segment Simon talks to ...
Top40 stocks quarterly returns

Infographic: Top40 stocks quarterly returns

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Here is our infographic of the Top40 stocks and their returns for the first quarter 2015. We include market cap (bubble size), price move (y axis), dividend yield (x axis) and PE. Click on the image for full size. Paying yourself first: Why and how?Paying yourself first: Why and how?6 Jun 2023Tax rates for the ...