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ETF: The Ashburton 1200 facelift

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This ETF is now owned by FNB and the code is FNBEQF. The Ashburton 1200 (ASHEQF) ETF is the only ETF weighted by market capitalisation that invests in developed as well as emerging markets. For that reason, it’s been our ETF of choice for a few years. This ETF has always been slightly more expensive ...
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Podcast: Fund(s) of funds with Keith Mclachlan

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, The Fat Wallet

Fund of funds with Keith Mclachlan Fund of funds are the Russian nesting dolls of investment. When you strip away all the layers, are you left with fees or profit? In the second episode of The Fat Wallet Show, Simon and I bedevil industry boytjie and small caps fund manager Keith Mclachlan about these products. ...