Podcast: Finding a local Berkshire Hathaway?

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Finding a local Berkshire Hathaway?


Simon Shares

Keith McLachlan from Alpha Wealth

Finding a local Berkshire Hathaway? Simon answered a listener questions suggesting that maybe Conduit Capital (JSE code: CND) was an option. The trick however is the regulatory environment and Keith McLachlan helps us understand what thoseSolvency Assessment and Management (SAM) regulations are and how difficult it makes for a company to model themselves on Berkshire Hathaway.

We Get Mail

  • Caroline
    • Richemont (JSE code: CFR) has been falling steadily for nearly a year and is down 26.59%. Is it now regarded as a “Dog”???? Or because it is in your Death Do Us Part portfolio has it become a “Puppy”? Question – have you sold or not? My problem is Astoria (JSE code: ARA). I bought for long, long, term and that has fallen about the same. Do I bale and lose a large dollop of my portfolio which I am no longer in a position to recoup, or let it turn around with the Rand exchange rate. Problem is that might not happen in my lifetime!!! Decisions …. decisions
  • Tax feedback
    • Just a point on not being able to offset trading losses against other income, believe you can as long as SARS didn’t ring fence the loss and your chances are better if you are not at marginal tax rate,activity not deemed to be a hobby and not more than 3 losses out of last 5 tax years.
    • I can feel for Johan. I used the “Other income” to declare ‘trading income’ from various sources. I keep these income’s to the bare minimum. HOWEVER…. No easy place to claim expenses as a separate entry. Unless You open the can of worms called “Business” income.
  • Jacques
    • Any ideas on how to benefit from current strong rand i.e. which ETFs are good options to take some cash offshore?

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