What position trading taught me about investing

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When I first started trading I sucked big time. I took loss after loss with no win in sight. The reason? I lacked a good trading system – not entry strategies/setups, but system. And a key part of a trading system is to decide your holding periods. On the up side and the down side.

JSE Direct with Simon Brown

Podcast: How the JSE protects investors

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Simon Shares Revego* (JSE code: RVG) was supposed to list today but has delayed their listing. I applied for allocation as I like the business model of renewable energy with guaranteed inflation-linked off-take agreements. They invest into operational renewable asset and are targeting a 8%-10% dividend yield, based off the 1000c listing price. * I ...

Video: Everything ETFs and tax-free

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December saw the twentieth anniversary of the first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) listing on the JSE. Since 2000 the industry has grown to over R110billion in assets and 137 listings covering all investments options (local, offshore, equity, bonds, commodities and property). This first Power Hour event of 2021 was presented by Simon Brown and he ...
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ETF: Understanding the NewFunds Momentum Equity ETF

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Effective 1 March 2023, this ETF  is now the Satrix Equity Momentum ETF (JSE code: STXEQM) There is no upper limit to the potential performance of a share. It's unintuitive, but it's true. A share price that has gone up 100% can go up another 200% and then 300% after that. Share prices are determined ...