Types of savings

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Thanks to the money-making twins you know that savings protect your money while investments grow your money. Money that you’ll need in the next few months or the next five years, goes to Savings. But you can make find ways to make Savings work a little harder.

What you get when you save

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The reason saving and investing are so different has to do with what the money does when you’re not looking. Money in a savings account keeps being money. Money you invest, however, becomes an asset.

Choosing between saving and investing

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You want to keep some of your money safe in case you need it, but you want to put some of your money to work so you can stop working. Deciding how much money should go to investing, and how much to savings, depends on one question: When do you need your money back?

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ETF: Your guide to bond ETFs

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If you are looking for a savings vehicle that returns at least your original investment amount plus inflation, you might be in the market for bonds. Some bonds protect spending power by offering returns linked to inflation. Others offer a guaranteed income, regardless of market events or inflation. This asset class offers investors a degree ...

Wealthy Maths: Drop a tax bracket

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It’s a common misconception that contributing to a pension or retirement fund means you get money back from SARS. It makes it seem like pension fund contributions trigger a cash rebate. In reality, contributions to retirement funds reduce your tax liability. The reason you get money back at the end of the year is because ...