The beginner’s guide to investing

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IPO process explainedWe designed this series of articles for those who want to take control of their finances, but are unsure where to begin. If that sounds like you, our quick reference guide below can be treated as a step-by-step guide to getting on your way.

Understanding what you want from your money

Sometimes the most important work in our finances happen before we make any financial decisions. In this article we explain why understanding what you want your money to do, is the critical first step to make all future money decisions easier.

Inflation: The reason for it all

Inflation is the most important financial concept you need to understand. Without inflation, we wouldn’t need to worry about making our money grow. Make sure you understand the impact of inflation on your money before moving on to the next articles.

Getting ready

You might feel impatient to start your financial journey, but having the right foundation in place is crucial. Starting your investment journey before you have the rest of your financial life under control could result in future losses if you’re forced to sell your investments too soon. The articles below will help you get your house in order for your first investment.

Am I ready to start investing?

An electric fence for money: the importance of an emergency fund

Debt and financial wellness

How to repay debt

Financial health: Part one

Couple goals: Using ratios to gain control of your finances

What to do with financial advice: A guide to finding good advice and ignoring the noise

Four roads to discipline: Expenses, costs, research and strategy

What’s in the way of financial independence?

Savings first

Investing is certainly exciting, but it’s not advisable to start investing before you start saving. The articles below will help you understand the difference between the two and get you going on your savings journey.

Saving and investing are not the same

Choosing between saving and investing

What you get when you save

Types of savings

Getting rich takes time, not money

Reaching your short-term savings goals

What you need to be a savings rock star

You’re ready to invest!

Once you have your financial base in place and have a decent emergency fund saved up, you’re ready to start investing. The articles below will help you understand what the stock market is, how investing works and how investments make money.

What is a stock exchange?

What is investing?


How shares make money

My first investment

One share isn’t enough

How to get free money

Investing tax-free

Revisiting your investment strategy

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Being outstanding with your money doesn’t have to be hard. This series of articles will give you all the tools you need to get your house in order to start investing.

This series of articles was sponsored by OUTvest, and written by Just One Lap in 2018.  It’s timeless wisdom that needs to be out there – in public spaces where it can feed into ongoing discussions about long term financial wellness.