Four roads to discipline

Kristia van Heerden Latest, OUTstanding

Financial change happens one pay cheque at a time, but there are many things we can do between pay cheques to ensure we are better at our finances from one payday to the next. Consider this your how-to guide for financial discipline.

Getting through January

Njabulo Nsibande Cash Club, Latest

I’ve received some requests for tips on how to get through January, because it usually feels three months long. January 2021 will be much worse than any January we’ve had before. If your December salary is paid earlier than usual, move the money for January into another account.

Cash Club: 2020 – The upside

Njabulo Nsibande Cash Club, Latest

It's very hard to identify the positive aspects brought on by the pandemic, but here goes. Working from home is now the new normal for most people. As a software developer, this is my reality. In late 2018 I moved into a flat in Joburg to be closer to the office. Travelling to work had ...

Wealthy Maths: Debt-to-income ratio

Kristia van Heerden Latest, Wealthy Maths

While being debt-free is preferable, sometimes debt cannot be avoided. It’s useful to know how bad your current debt situation is to make improvements or to avoid making the same mistakes again.   A common ratio which is used to measure a person’s indebtedness is the debt-to-income ratio. Many of the financial institutions also use ...

Managing a salary cut

Donna Willan Latest, Money cents

Help! My take home salary has just been cut by 10% - we have less money! This is not a completely terrible thing. Some of you may recall my dilemma a few columns back where I was pondering whether I should join our company pension scheme or purchase monthly EFTs. Well the discussion became moot ...