Retire: Retirement myth-busters

Carina Jooste Latest, Retire

The phrase ‘Saving Towards Retirement’ is loaded. There’s loads of information to wade through, and an undercurrent of fear that you don’t have enough. In my conversations I’ve started to pick up on some personal money myths that might be hijacking our reason.

Retire: Two-stage FIRE spreadsheet

Carina Jooste Latest, Retire

Over the last few months, we've been discussing what early retirement would look like to those who have Regulation 28-compliant pension funds or other retirement products. Our friend Kris Naidoo came up with a strategy that would help him utilise the funds he amassed during his working life to fund an early retirement, even though ...

Wealthy Maths: COVID-19 action plan

Kristia van Heerden Latest, Wealthy Maths

Many of our best-laid financial plans got wrecked by COVID-19. Not achieving our financial goals or facing financial insecurity during this period is extremely stressful, but a good financial plan can be adapted to all circumstances.  Since each situation is different, this Wealthy Maths post won’t include a calculation per se. Instead, we’ll be sharing ...

Cash Club: When an emergency hits

Njabulo Nsibande Cash Club, Latest

Any financially savvy person will tell you that an emergency fund is the most important piece of your portfolio, and that you should have enough cash to cover your living expenses for three to six months. When it comes to emergency funds, I realised two things: 1. When I'm in an emergency, I'm not saving ...