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ETF: Income ETFs III – Bonds and Preference Shares

Kristia van HeerdenETF Blog, Latest

In the first two posts in this series, we investigated dividend-hugging ETFs and listed property ETFs. While both of these are worth consideration when investing for income, both are listed instruments, which introduces volatility to your investments. This makes them more appropriate for investors with a longer investment horizon. For those nearing financial independence, debt ...

Podcast: Where to park cash

Simon BrownJSE Direct, Latest

JSE Direct 201: Where to park cash? Simon Shares Grindrod (JSE code: GND) just hit multi-year lows trading just above 900c with a net asset value (NAV) of over 2200c. Don't fight the trend, especially on cyclical stocks. RBA (JSE code: RBA) went bust on Tuesday. Of the three; RBA, Seakay and Calgro M3 (JSE ...