Trading for a living

Video: Trading for a living

Simon BrownImprove Trading, JSE Power Hour, Webinar and Video

The dream of most market participants is to be able to live off the money we make from trading. But is it really possible? Join Just One Lap founder Simon Brown for this presentation as he unpacks the prospects of trading for a living. He covers; Products and underlying assets to trade. Day trading vs. ...

Video: Becoming a better trader

Simon BrownImprove Trading, JSE Power Hour, TraderPetri, Webinar and Video

Petri Redelinghuys believes that trading involves always learning: learning about yourself, trading, risk, discipline and markets. Last year he shared his journey of becoming a trader and he’s back this year to speak to us about how to become a better trader. Petri shares how to identify good and bad educational resources, the different trading ...

Video: Mastering Binary Options

Simon BrownImprove Trading, Trading Masterclass, Webinar and Video

Binary options are often sold as 'get rich quick'. They are not but they can be useful trading tools for an aggressive yet simple trading strategy. Simon presents just such a strategy for binary options. Using binary options to build personal ‘bets’ in political events Trading single day index binary options Understanding probability with a ...

Video: Trading reversal patterns

Simon BrownImprove Trading, Trading Masterclass, Webinar and Video

Different reversal patterns for traders (including entries, profit targets and stop loss) Kangaroo tail Island reversal Engulfing candles Catching reversals are one of the harder aspects of trading but if done right they can be very rewarding. This presentation will look at three different but very successful reversal patterns that traders can use for catching ...
IG Boot Camp

Video: Using fundamentals and technicals (11/12)

Simon BrownBoot Camp, Improve Trading, Webinar and Video

In this 11th Boot Camp of the current series Simon Brown, Just One Lap founder, will be focusing on using technicals and fundamentals. He covers; What’s the difference? Using them separately. Identifying quality sectors and stocks using Porters five forces Simon's own theory for finding the right fundamental price to pay Blending them together. Which ...
IG Boot Camp

Video: Psychology of trading (10/12)

Simon BrownBoot Camp, Improve Trading, Webinar and Video

In our 10th, IG Boot Camp Simon Brown, founder of Just One Lap, tackles the issue of psychology of trading, by far the most important part of trading. Trading includes; charts, setups, risk management, entries and exits. While this all happens the real issue is our head and where we’re at. Losing or making money does ...