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If you’re a Just One Lap regular, you know we talk about fees a lot. As we explain in this post, a small percentage difference in fees can have a huge impact on how much your investment grows in time. In the ETF world, the total expense ratio (TER) can be the deciding factor between two similar ETFs. Satrix recently reduced the TER on the popular Satrix 40 ETF to just 0.1%. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of all South African ETFs, from the cheapest to the most expensive, below.

ETF TER Asset class
CoreShares Top50 0.07% SA equity
Satrix Top 40 0.10% SA equity
Absa Capital Shari’ah Top 40 0.13% Smart beta
Absa Capital MAPPS Growth 0.15% Balanced (Equity, bonds, cash)
Absa Capital MAPPS Protect 0.16% Balanced (Equity, bonds, cash)
Ashburton Top 40 0.17% SA equity
Absa Capital S&P GIVI SA Financial 15 0.18% Smart beta
Absa Capital S&P GIVI SA Top 50 0.19% Smart beta
CoreShares S&P 500 0.20% International
Absa Capital S&P GIVI SA Resource 15 0.20% Smart beta
Absa Capital S&P GIVI SA Industrial 25 0.21% Smart beta
Absa Capital Traci 3-month ETF 0.23% Cash
Satrix Inflation-Linked Bond 0.25% Bonds
Satrix S&P 500 0.25%* International
Absa Capital GOVI 0.25% Bonds
Standard Bank AfricaGold 0.25% Commodities
STANLIB Top 40 0.25% SA equity
CoreShares Global Property 0.27% International property
Standard Bank AfricaPlatinum 0.30% Commodities
STANLIB SWIX 40 0.31% SA equity
Satrix MSCI Emerging Markets 0.33%* International
Satrix Property 0.35% Property
Satrix MSCI World 0.35%* International
Absa Capital NewFunds SWIX 40 0.35% SA equity
Absa Capital NewFunds ILBI 0.35% Bonds
Standard Bank AfricaPalladium 0.35% Commodities
STANLIB SA Property 0.35% Property
Satrix DIVI 0.38% SA equity
CoreShares Top 40 Equal Weight 0.38% SA equity
Absa Capital Equity Momentum 0.38% Smart beta
Satrix FINI 0.39% SA equity
Satrix INDI 0.40% SA equity
Satrix Quality 0.40%* Smart beta
Satrix RESI 0.40% Commodities
Absa Capital NewGold 0.40% Commodities
Absa Capital NewPalladium 0.40% Commodities
Absa Capital NewPlat 0.40% Commodities
Satrix SWIX 0.42% SA equity
CoreShares Divtrax 0.43% Smart beta
Ashburton Global 1200 0.45%* International
Ashburton Inflation ETF 0.47% Bonds
Satrix RAFI 0.50% SA equity
CoreShares Proptrax Ten 0.54% Property
CoreShares Preftrax 0.56% Preference shares
Absa Capital New SA ETF 0.57% Smart beta
CoreShares Proptrax SAPY 0.58% Property
CoreShares Lowvoltrax 0.65% Smart beta
Sygnia Itrix MSCI World 0.68% International
Standard Bank AfricaRhodium 0.75% Commodities
Ashburton Midcap 0.78% SA equity
Cloud Atlas Big50 ex-SA 0.85% International (Africa)
Sygnia Itrix EUROSTOXX50 0.86% International
Sygnia Itrix FTSE100 0.86% International
Sygnia Itrix MSCI Japan 0.86% International
Sygnia Itrix MSCI US 0.86% International
RMB Dollar Custodial Certificate N/A** Bonds (USA)
RMB Krugerrand Custodial Certificate N/A** Krugerrands

*Expected TER indicated in newly listed ETFs
**No annual management fee applies, however storage fees do apply

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