Retire: All things tax

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First up, the 2018 budget speech and your RA In 2017 an amendment was made allowing for the transfer of your pension or provident fund to an RA if you decide to postpone retirement, or after you already retired. However, pension preservation and provident preservation funds were excluded from this amendment. This year’s budget speech ...
RA pension provident fund

Retire: RA, pension or provident fund?

Carina JoosteLatest, Retire

Saving for retirement is riddled with question marks and jargon. We'll kick off by answering one of the most-asked questions around retirement: how do we differentiate between a retirement annuity, pension fund and provident fund? All of them help you save for retirement, but they aren't synonyms. What is a retirement annuity? A retirement annuity ...

Podcast: CoreShares three investment disciplines

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CoreShares three investment disciplines Simon Shares Blitz round of result comments; Richemont* (JSE code: CFR) Calgro M3* (JSE code: CGR) Lonmin (JSE code: LON) Astral (JSE code: ARL) Vodacom (JSE code: VOD) Balwin (JSE code: BWN) * I hold ungeared positions. Upcoming events; CoreShares investment disciplines & transactional website JSE Power Hour: Investing while junk ...
The Fat Wallet Show with Kristia van Heerden

Podcast: Optimal diversification strategy

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Aside from low cost and simplicity, ETFs are appealing because diversification is built in. When you invest in the 40 biggest South African companies, you invest in different sectors and different regions. You even get a degree of asset diversification in the form of property stocks. Episode 48. 48 minutes long. @simon_brown_za doesn't think I ...