Follow the trader (03 March)

Simon Brown ThinkMarkets, Webinar

Simon Brown & Njabulo Nsibande are trading live real money ThinkMarkets accounts to help new traders understand trading, strategies and risk management. Book for the weekly webcast here. Signup for weekly email updates here. Position your portfolio for 2023Position your portfolio for 20232 Dec 2022China zero-covid has failed, now what?China zero-covid has failed, now what?1 ...

Video: Shorting, hedging & reversal patterns

Simon Brown ThinkMarkets

Know your derivatives; Shorting Hedging Simon also covers reversal patterns. Find the rest of the series here. echo adrotate_ad(6); Position your portfolio for 2023Position your portfolio for 20232 Dec 2022China zero-covid has failed, now what?China zero-covid has failed, now what?1 Dec 2022Earn 10.5% with Retail Savings Bonds (updated)Earn 10.5% with Retail Savings Bonds (updated)1 Dec ...
Building a trading plan

Video: Building a trading plan

Simon Brown ThinkMarkets

Trading is about having a plan and sticking to that plan. Following on from the Getting Started in Trading presentation Simon Brown takes it a step further and looks at putting together a trading plan. This is not only about the actual trading system. Rather it also includes capital required, what the trader trades and ...
Know your derivatives: Margin, leverage and exposure

Video: Know your derivatives; Margin, leverage and exposure

Simon Brown ThinkMarkets

Trading derivatives is about knowing the product you’re trading and at the core of a derivative Is is the margin (deposit) a trader pays for each trade. Equally important is the ultimate exposure and from this one then knows the gearing level. Presented by Simon Brown (Just One Lap founder) he also covers margin calls ...
Pandemic investment scenarios

Video: Pandemic investment scenarios

Simon Brown ThinkMarkets, Webinar

In early May Just One Lap founder Simon Brown looked at the economic data so far in an attempt to gauge how the pandemic has impacted global economies and markets. The picture was bleak and gave a glimpse into how the economic impact of the pandemic will play out. In this video, Simon dives deeper ...

Video: Getting started in trading

Simon Brown Learn Trading, ThinkMarkets

In this first of the series, Simon Brown sets traders on the first steps of their journey. He covers the trader's matrix of five components that are all required in order to succeed (goals, resources, risk management, trading system and discipline). Simon also covers the Maslow theory of unconscious competence helping a trader understand where ...

Video: Know your derivatives: CFDs, indices and FX

Simon Brown ThinkMarkets

Trading involves derivatives and it is important that the trader knows how they work otherwise the right call could still result in a loss of capital due to not understanding the product. Each month Simon Brown tackles an aspect of derivatives helping new and experienced traders fully understand the products they are trading and helping ...
The economic data so far

Video: The economic data so far

Simon Brown ThinkMarkets, Webinar

South Africa reported its first COVID-19 case in early March with China reporting their first case almost four month ago. Since then the world has gone into extended lockdown. The US shed over 30million jobs in six weeks and global GDP is collapsing and South Africa is not being spared. In this video Simon Brown ...