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ETF: Understanding the Shari’ah 40 ETF

Kristia van Heerden ETF Blog, Latest

Aligning profitability with ethics is a sticky problem. Since businesses don’t seem to get it right, it’s not that surprising that ethical ETF choices are limited. Over the years the local industry has seen some attempts at ethics-driven ETFs. However, Absa’s Shari’ah-compliant Top 40 (share code: NFSH40) product has been the only one that has ...
GIVI SA Resource 15 ETF

ETF: Understanding the GIVI SA Resource 15 ETF

Kristia van Heerden ETF Blog, Latest

Since the South African investment universe is small, we get a front-row seat to the impact of diversification during every market cycle. Historically the South African economy relied heavily on the resources sector. While we're no longer a resource-heavy economy, our mines and energy businesses tend to shine when the rest of the economy suffers. ...