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In times of economic uncertainty, taking investments offshore as a means of diversifying makes sense for a discerning investor.

However, it is often believed that going offshore is for the ultra-rich and affluent. There’s also a misconception that offshore investing is all about buying property in London or a summer villa in the south of France. But this isn’t the case.

Technology has made offshore investment a lot more accessible to investors who don’t have large amounts of capital to invest. Despite this, many myths about investing, as well as psychological barriers, still abound.

In this Power Hour session, Sandesh Ganasee takes you through the pros and cons of going offshore, the biases at play when investors focus on local investments and some of the things investors must take into consideration when they decide to go offshore.

He covers the benefits of using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as a vehicle to invest offshore when you do not have the time to delve into individual offshore stocks. We’ll look at local ETFs that investors can use to gain offshore exposure and explore the importance of rand-hedging, especially in times of volatile currency moves.

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