Trading time frames

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Trading time frames

Trading time frames

Simon Shares

  • Market going nowhere, I take a week off and it literally goes sideways in tight range.
  • Capitec* (JSE code: CPI) results saw HEPS up 17% (trading statement said 15%-18%, they always come in near top of range). Lots of wow numbers; 9.2million active clients and cost-to-income ratio at 36%. The disputed arrears coverage ratio is back at 237% after concerns about it decreasing a year ago.
  • Discovery* (JSE code: DSY) results solid with lost of spending on the future. Still my favourite share I own in terms of potential and I happy to add below R156.
  • Richemont* (JSE code: CFR) trading update shows they turned the corner re nasty watch sales that resulted in them having to buy back watches. Stock trading up at all time highs above R120. My buy price is R118.
  • Santova* (JSE code: SNV) nice clean deal buying out a 25% silent partner from their Australian operation at decent price. Gives immediate extra AUD earnings.
  • New Ashburton World ETF
  • Up coming events;

I hold ungeared positions.

Trading time frames

The first question no new trader asks is which time frame should they be trading in. Typically one starts looking at daily charts but quickly drops to shorter time frames because we want the rush that comes from each trade and we get more at shorter time frames. Yes trades happen in all time frames, but it’s our ability to manage and profit from them.

But truthfully can most people manage an intra-day time frame unless this is all they do? Markets is pretty much my life and an hourly chart is still tricky for me as I miss some entries (stops are automated so that no problem).

Shorter time frames;

  • Are also more noisy,
  • Require quicker responses
  • Means shorter trade duration, smaller profit per trade but same costs

Forget about getting a rush from trading and find a time frame that works for you and potentially use multiple time frames. Start with a weekly chart, if you get a tigger wait for it to confirm in the daily chart.

Now if you not using technicals but more about price then tie frames become less of an issue, but you’re then having to watch the market consistently hence no other day job or trade at night.

We Get Mail

  • I started buying ETF’s about 4 months ago. I purchase through on line trading. It appears however that prices are manipulated to keep them within a band. I have been seeing signs of this across all ETF’s – some more than others. Last traded prices are impossible to buy at due to the artificial bid volume/price. What makes it even more obvious is often the identical bid / offer volumes.

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