Podcast: Testing markets with JP Verster

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Testing markets with JP Verster

Testing markets with JP Verster

Testing markets with JP Verster

Simon Shares

  • Capitec (JSE code; CPI) results were solid but bad debts are rising. So is their profits but the bad debts are what we’re watching at this point in the process.
  • Momentum portfolio doing as it says on the sticker. Good out performance on down days, modest or under performance on up days. But the gold volatility remains wild.
  • ZAR X, the first new stock exchange in South Africa in over a century arrives in September.
  • We review the Swix40 ETF for those wanting an alternative Top40.

Jean Pierre Verster 36One Asset Management

We last spoke to Jean Pierre in January when all was looking ugly, now everything looks all lovely, but is it? And if this is the year that shorting is as important as going long, is this the testing year for DIY investors? We also touch on inflation, commodities and the US economy.

We Get Mail

  • Ryno
    • I was reading about hedge funds and came across Ray Dalio. He adheres to the all weather portfolio. Basically he says that its all in asset allocation. -55% bonds -30% shares -7.5% gold -7.5% commodities.
  • Marion
    • I understand the idea behind an emergency cash fund. But where do I park it?
  • Pieter
    • I have been contemplating opening an offshore account, but have refrained because of our weak currency and my lack of knowledge about international trading. My question is if it is the right time to take money off shore/open an account? Also which ETF’s should one be looking at?

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