Video: Momentum portfolio update Feb16

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Momentum portfolio update

Momentum Portfolio update

Momentum portfolio update Feb16

This is our annual updating and rebalancing of the Momentum Portfolio and includes;

  • Publishing of returns for the previous year and since inception (January 2013)
  • New methodology for the system (see below for brief description, full details in video)
  • Stock selection for 2016/7 (see below and full process in video)

This is a live portfolio funded with R200k cash and returns include all costs of trading and all dividends / interest received. 2015/6 was a tough year for the portfolios, especially the Top40 while the MidCap has continued to out perform its benchmark since inception.

Key methodology changes include;

  • Merging the Top40 and MidCap portfolios
  • Using the Top100 as benchmark and pool for stock selection
    • Buying top 5 each from Top40 and MidCap and then next best 5 stocks.


There was an error when we initially did this recording as we neglected to include the value of the Resilient shares in the Top40 portfolio, this increased the performance for 2015/6 and overall returns. Below is corrected returns.


Momentum portfolio returns

The stocks for the 2016/7 portfolio are (with JSE code after stock name);

  • Brait (BAT), British American Tobacco (BTI), PSG (PSG), Steinhoff (SNH), Mondi (MND), Sibanye (SGL), AngloGold Ashanti (ANG), Curro (COH), Sappi (SAP), Resilient (RES), Nepi (NEP), Rockcastle (ROC), Goldfields (GFI), JSE (JSE) & KAP (KAP).

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