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Tax-free trading

Tax-free trading

Simon Shares

  • ZAR X and 4AX exchanges are coming. But do they have any listings we care about and are we able to trade them with our current brokers.
  • Kumba Iron Ore (JSE code: KIO) very impressive and cost per tonne is well down from over $40 to $29, but no dividend.
  • Brait* (JSE code: BAT) shows what a mess New Look as they slice R10billion of the NAV to R8.7billion, and the UK just released best unemployment rate in 11 years but wages under pressure.
  • Rand heading for R13/US$, no surprises as it one of my predictions for 2017. Question is how much stronger and as important any strengthening will not be in a straight line.
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* Simon holds ungeared positions.

Trading tax-free accounts

In last weeks JSE Power Hour on tax-free investing Simon mentioned trading a tax-free account. This got many excited thinking about derivatives and shares, but no. The restrictions for tax-free accounts remain but Simon has ways we can still trade without gearing and enhance returns (or losses).

We Get Mail

  • Eric
    • Honestly, it’s never been easier or this cheap to bulletproof your Rand wealth through diversified products covering the globe.
  • Janus
    • I’m heavily invested in STXIND. Obviously not happy with the performance at the moment. I would like to stay with Satrix but was thinking of selling all STXIND and buy STXRES. Good or bad plan? Perhaps go 50/50?
  • Many people
    • I want to buy an unlisted share, is it a good idea?

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