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Simon’s till death us part portfolio

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In last weeks show I covered Porter’s Five Forces for selecting awesome shares worthy of investing in. This week I delve into my personal ’til death do us part’ portfolio explaining why I hold each share. Then we did a webcast where you can interrogate my selection and also propose shares of your own for inclusion into a ’til death do us part’ portfolio, that video is online here.

At the time of recording my portfolio is as below (Find my consistently updated portfolio here)

  • BHPBilliton (JSE code: BIL)
  • Capitec (JSE code: CPI)
  • Citylodge (JSE code: CLH)
  • Discovery (JSE code: DSY)
  • Famous Brands (JSE code: FBR)
  • Metrofile (JSE code: MFL)
  • Richemont (JSE code: CFR)
  • Sasol (JSE code: SOL)
  • Shoprite (JSE code: SHP)
  • Woolies (JSE code: WHL)

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