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Porter's Five Forces

Porter’s Five Forces

Finding awesome stocks to invest in

Simon Shares

I am traveling and then on leave, so this week I look at Porter’s Five Forces and in next weeks podcast I follow this up by running my ‘death do us part’ portfolio of stocks through the process. Then a video whereby you asked questions about my portfolio and any stocks you may consider worthy of a ‘death do us part’ portfolio (my portfolio is always published live here).

Porter’s Five Forces

  • Competitive rivalry within an industry
  • Threat of substitute products
  • Threat of new entrants
  • Bargaining power of customers
  • Bargaining power of suppliers

I add;

  • Buy winning stocks in winning sectors
  • Legislative risk

You’ll find a review of Porter’s Five Forces here and I also include it in the Boot Camp video on Fundamentals and Technicals in which I include examples from local stocks.

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