Video: Simon’s ’till death do us part portfolio’

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Simon's 'till death do us part' portfolio (July 2016)

Simon’s ’till death do us part’ portfolio (July 2016)

This video is a follow up to the two JSE Direct episodes from 23 and 30 June when Simon discussed his methodology for finding awesome shares and then in the second podcast discussed his own portfolio in relation to his methodology (he calls the portfolio ‘till death do us part’).

You’ll find the episodes;

The prices Simon is prepared to pay for the stocks is online here and the methodology behind what price to pay is here.

The purpose of this video was to interrogate his selection but also to offer your own ‘till death do us part’ shares for discussion.

Share suggested that he’ll dig further into include;

  • Mondi (JSE code: MND / MNP)
  • JSE (JSE code: JSE)
  • Brait (JSE code: BAT)

Simon also references the video on determining the price to pay using fundamental charts and you’ll find that here.

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